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Merry worksheets!

These fun, free Christmas-inspired worksheets will help keep their minds active during the long holiday break!


Christmas Count

It's a merry holiday mix-up! Have your preschooler sort and count the jumble of gingerbread men, snowmen, candy canes, and mittens.

Christmas Count (236 KB)

Christmas Puzzle

Here’s a printable Christmas puzzle your child can make himself! He can cut out all the pieces (with your help), and then use reasoning skills to put it back together.

Christmas Puzzle (518 KB)

Circle What Belongs: Snowy Day

Would you put your swimsuit on when it's snowing outside? Let your child decide what belongs where with this fun, cheerful worksheet.

Snowflake Coloring Page

Celebrate winter with your preschooler with this festive snowflake coloring page. Print it out on a snow day and enjoy with a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Snowman Race

Simply roll the die and draw the part of the snowman pictured. Whoever completes the snowman first, wins!

Snowman Race (218 KB)

Create a Calendar: December

Put her counting and handwriting skills to work by challenging her to write in the dates on this blank calendar page. She’ll also love coloring all the fun pictures!


Christmas Memory Game

Celebrate the season with this merry memory matching game, full of Christmas staples and even a few blank game cards for your little artist to complete.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

All you need is fingerpaint or ink pads for your little ones to create a lovely display of fingerprint Christmas lights! Makes a sweet homemade decoration or gift.

Christmas Mini-Book

Help your child assemble this charming booklet, full of puzzles and sentence starters for your little learner to enjoy this Christmas season.

Ski Racing Animals

Host the Winter Olympics on your dining room table with this holiday ski racing game that he can make all by himself!

Build a Snowman Game

This festive holiday-themed game is a great activity for an afternoon stuck indoors! Even better, it will help your kids work on counting and creativity.

Snowman Tic-Tac-Toe

Cozy up with your kiddo and this winter-themed tic-tac-toe. Swap out the Xs and Os for some snowmen and snowflakes.

First Grade

Winter Bucket List

Keep the magic of winter alive with this beautiful bucket list, tailored to the winter season. Post it where everyone can see it to give you fresh ideas for family fun.

Letter to Santa

This snowman stationery is a terrific template for your child to write his letter to Santa! Great for practicing handwriting and building sentences, too.

Letter to Santa (130 KB)

Winter Banner

Enlist the help of a loved one to make this wonderful winter banner. What a great way to spend time with friends and family!

Winter Banner (201 KB)

Second Grade

Holiday Word Search

Help your second-grader hunt down and circle these words associated with the winter holiday. He'll have fun and won't even realize he's learning!

Printable Advent Calendar

An advent calendar is a fun way to count down the days until Christmas—especially when you she paints it herself! Open each door to show a fun holiday activity for you and your little elves.

Wintry Crossword

Let your little one capture the chilly fun of the outdoors from the comfort of her cozy home with this fun, winter crossword.

Wintry Crossword (580 KB)

Third Grade

Paper Gingerbread House

Get together with your kids and enjoy coloring and crafting this paper gingerbread house! It makes a great gift or decoration when it's finished.

Paper Snowflake Patterns

Create gorgeous winter snowflakes with this great assortment of patterns. Have your third-grader try using coffee filters for an easier cutting experience.

Winter Word Scramble

Keep warm as your child unscrambles letters to spell out words related to winter. She'll be building her sense of logic and reasoning as she figures out each word.

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