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What’s Hiding in the Numbers: 5

Kids color all the spaces with the number 5 to reveal the hidden apples — ideal for helping preschoolers recognize and name whole numbers.

How Many Are There?

This worksheet is a treat-filled way to help preschoolers work on their counting as well as ease them into addition.

Cut Out Shapes

Ask your preschooler to cut out the shapes and then put these silly, mixed-up pictures back together. Once she finishes, have her name and describe each shape.

Cut Out Shapes (94.7 KB)

Number Puzzles for Busy Bees

Your little one will practice the order of numbers from 1 to 10 and reveal pictures as she goes along — all the while practicing her fine-motor skills!

Planting a Garden

Talk to your child about different stages of planting as she colors the fruits and then sorts them to glue in her own fruit garden.

Silly Shapes: Make a Face!

Invite your child to sort out these silly shapes and then put them together to make a funny face. He'll boost his familiarity with shapes and use his imagination at the same time.


Froggie Math Game

Not only will this game help your kids be creative by having them make the die and the board, but the multiple versions allow them to think outside the pond as well.

More and Less

These animals want to teach your child the difference between more and less! She’ll use her counting skills to figure out which flock, gaggle, or group has the most of these cute critters.

More and Less (360 KB)

Number Bingo 1

Have your child cut out the circles along the edge of the worksheet to mark the numbers you call out. When the game is over, he can reinforce counting and fine motor skills by coloring in the numbers.

Number Bingo 1 (625 KB)

Pattern Practice!

Finding a pattern in a simple series of objects can help your child with his logic and reasoning skills, as well as give him practice identifying shapes.

Pattern Practice (86.0 KB)

Telling Time 1

To practice telling time, have your kids read the digital time printed on the left side of the page, then circle the analog clock that matches.

Telling Time 1 (118 KB)

Measuring Length: More Veggies

This worksheet offers practice with measuring to determine length, measuring in standard units, writing numbers, and comparing lengths.

First Grade

Missing Numbers: Counting Bee

Benny the Bee is busy trying to fill in the missing numbers in his honeycomb. He needs to get all the way from 1 to 100, so have your child get busy filling in those empty spaces.

Counting Quarters

With this worksheet, kids will learn the appearance and value of quarters, count quarters, and write the number of cents for the quarters.

Beginning Bar Graph: Favorite Cake

Chocolate, yellow, marble, and white — with manageable numbers and a simple setup, this favorite cake bar graph makes this concept easy to grasp.

Reading Place Value: Ones and Tens

What does the number 26 look like when it is written out? This worksheet will help your child practice place value and read numbers in the written form.

Rounding Whole Numbers

This worksheet will give your child practice rounding whole numbers between 10 and 100 to the nearest 10.

Telling Time with Play Watches

Your first-grader won't mind practicing time with these bright and bug-friendly play watches on her wrist!

Second Grade

Make Change: City Trip!

Your child will practice adding, subtracting, and working with money during his trip to the city. He'll decide which coins to give the bus driver, and how many coins he'll get back from the cashier for the cupcakes he bought.

Measurement Mania: Liters

Introduce your little one to liters, a unit of volume commonly found on soda bottles. Can he guess which items are bigger or smaller than a liter?

Musical Instrument Pie Chart

Help your second-grader get her bearings around charts and graphs with these simple pie charts featuring fun, familiar illustrations.

Ruler Reading: Rounding in Inches

This worksheet helps kids understand measuring by asking them to measure each item, then round the length to the nearest inch. Makes for good ruler practice, too.

Color-by-Number Subtraction 1

After completing the subtraction problems on the page, have your child color the picture according to his answers, checking his work in the process.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

How many ice cream cones did Mark sell at the fair? Kids practice two-digit addition and subtraction as they answer the questions, and are sure to work up an appetite in the process!

Third Grade

Build a Robot: Multiplication #1

Sure to educate as it entertains, this worksheet will have him building his own robot, boosting his mental math and multiplication expertise.

Division Word Problems

On this worksheet, kids use the information from the word problems to construct and solve division problems in which a multi-digit number is evenly divided by a number up to 10.

Fact Families

Using the three numbers in different fact families, kids will create addition and subtraction problems to fill out all the blanks in this worksheet.

Fact Families (101 KB)

Making Change at the Gift Shop

Third-graders solve subtraction problems about making change on a trip to the museum gift shop, gaining an understanding about the relationship between whole numbers and decimals.

Math-Go-Round: Intermediate

Turn multiplication practice into a fun activity with this printable board game. Kids solve intermediate multiplication problems and move around the board, trying to pass as many corners as they can.

Rebus Puzzles for Kids

Can you tell what phrase or word is hidden in the picture? Think outside the box to solve these Rebus puzzles, a fun way to get kids to hone their logic and reasoning skills.

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