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Fall in love with learning!

Our free, fall-focused worksheets are designed to reinforce what your preschool through third-grade children are learning in their classes. Practice makes perfect!


Create a Calendar: September

Preschoolers can practice counting and writing as they fill in the dates, and learn about the days of the week and the ninth month of the year.

Addition with pictures: Leaves

Practice simple addition by having them count the leaves in each problem, then write the answer on the line

How Tall Are They: Leaves

Use this printable ruler to help your preschooler learn about measuring, writing numbers, and work on counting.

Science of the Seasons

Help them understand the seasons by cutting out leaves and decorating trees to show how they change throughout the year.

Tracing Lines

Tracing vertical lines is so fun and it helps strengthen little hands to prepare them for writing letters and numbers.

Tracing Lines (259 KB)

Types of Leaves

Your kiddos will discover the different shapes and shades of maple and oak leaves as they match each one to the correct tree.

Types of Leaves (936 KB)


Fall Crossword

Get your kindergarteners in the fall spirit with a crossword puzzle full of clues about this season.

Fall Crossword (133 KB)

Autumn Leaves Picture Puzzle

Challenge their hand-eye coordination and matching skills by having them cut out the puzzle pieces and put them together in the right order.

Seasons and Months

This super-fun match-up activity will help your little learner get the hang of her seasons and calendar months!

Seasons Matching Game

They can practice naming the seasons and hone their memory skills all in one fun kindergarten matching game

Leaves Subtraction

This simple subtraction worksheet will inspire your future math whiz to improve her subtraction skills.

Writing the Four Seasons

They’ll sharpen their handwriting skills as they learn about the seasons with this season-themed worksheet.

First Grade

Autumn Addition

Set your first-grader on the right track to arithmetic success by helping her master her addition facts.

Autumn Addition (1.9 MB)

Fall Find It!

Help your child recognize patterns and compare objects by finding the two leaves in each box that match in size, shape, and color.

Fall Find It! (59.9 KB)

Acrostic Fall Poem

They will have a blast thinking up all the words that remind them of the word “fall” for this popular writing activity.

Acrostic Fall Poem (59.9 KB)

Second Grade

Autumn Spelling

Challenge your young wordsmith to choose the correct spelling out of a group of misspelled autumn-related words

Autumn Spelling (517 KB)

Leaf Shapes

Gather leaves with your second-grader and see if he can match what he finds to the leaves pictured on this chart.

Leaf Shapes (517 KB)

Tree Seasons

This fun activity sheet will help your child better understand nature's visual cues for the changing of the seasons.

Tree Seasons (581 KB)

Third Grade

Why Leaves Change Color

Your budding scientists will by fascinated learning all about why leaves change colors in this life science worksheet.

Leaf Types

This handy leaf chart will help them identify different types of leaves - perfect for leaf collections or leaf rubbings.

Leaf Types (307 KB)

Fall Word Search

Your third-grader will rake up a leaf-pile of knowledge as she searches for these colorful words all related to fall.

Fall Word Search (307 KB)

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